Monday, November 17, 2014

Another '88 Classics Logo Spotting

Thanks to fellow Disney VHS collector MrServoRetro, we now know of another Disney VHS tape that contains the 1988 Walt Disney Classics logo...

Yes, that's right, French-Canadian copies of the 1992 VHS of Beauty and the Beast! No previews and all!

Seriously, what is it with this logo?

It's the very first version of the now 26-years-old Walt Disney Classics logo, and yet it was expired right after it first appeared. Of course, as we collectors all know, Cinderella used this first in 1988 but the next title - Bambi in 1989 - dropped it and used the more familiar version that has an all-blue background and the frame-like diamond.

So the 1989 Classics logo stuck, but as many collectors know, this sort-of "prototype" version randomly popped up on other releases...

It showed up again in late 1991, when Disney made second pressings of the 1991 Robin Hood VHS. These pressings omit the previews for The Jungle Book and The Rescuers Down Under, change the red-orange anti-piracy cards with the green ones (one of the earliest appearances of these cards), and use the 1988 Classics logo. It's not even centered on the tape master!

Disney also did second pressings of the 1991 VHS of The Rescuers Down Under, but I think these second pressings came out in 1992. The US pressings had the common Classics logo, Canadian copies for some reason used the 1988 one!

The "Behind the Scenes" special VHS that came with the Deluxe Edition of Fantasia in 1991 also contains it. Not sure about the LaserDisc, though...

The demo VHS of The Rescuers contains it. The LaserDisc of The Rescuers has it.

Now this...

Someone at Walt Disney Home Video must've liked this version of the logo.


  1. For the record, this is exactly how the 1992 demo tape opens as well; it also features the 1988 Classics logo


  3. All French Canadian 1992 Disney tapes have the 1988 classics logo