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Hello YouTube subscribers that have happened to come across this very blog…

And greetings, readers of Kyle's Animated World!

This blog is all about Disney video collecting, one of my main hobbies. It's been a hobby of mine since 2005, when I came across a page on Ultimate Disney that was dedicated to the Classics videocassette/disc series. As a kid, I was into the different packaging schemes used for various editions of Disney videos. In 2002, I had collected a little bit, but I was mostly getting my hands on Disney animated films I had not yet seen at the time…

But the series fascinated me, and then I came across that very page… The page happened to show the original Classics edition of Dumbo, which at the time I had seen twice: Once at a relative's place, and once at my local rental store. When I saw that cover again, my fascination for Disney VHS tapes was re-ignited and soon I became a full-fledged collector!

In 2007, I began uploading videos of me showing off some of the collection: Mostly my 1980s Disney VHS and Beta tapes, very rarely did I ever show ones made after, say… 1993? But soon I began to show every single tape and disc in the collection. But in 2010, I felt that wasn't enough, so I created a ramshackle, not-so-sophisticated series of videos about my collection with fun facts about the releases and some words on the films… I uploaded all of those videos from December 2010 to around February 2011, up until I had shown everything in the collection.

So then I got the idea to do a series… A sort of "guide to" Disney videocassettes kind of thing, that would be kind of Angry Video Game Nerd-esque in terms of the presentation (but without the language, of course!). In fact, James Rolfe's long-running, hilarious series was actually what motivated me to finally show my collection in the first place. In 2007 he had done the Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout review, which begins with him finger-surfing through his NES shelf before grabbing his copy of the game. Since I had a bookshelf full of Disney videos, it was perfect!

Anyways, I put out three sort-of prototype "episodes" of the Guide to Disney Video series, but it never really panned out... It took years for me to make this series happen, and between 2011 and early 2016, I ran this place. I will still run it.

Ramblings and obsessing of Walt Disney Home Video releases went here. New findings and such will also be posted here as well, all of the facts and stuff posted here will eventually be a part of the series. Stay tooned!

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